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Nationalbankens Statbank
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Interest rates
Exchange rates
Banking and mortgage lending
Balance of payments and international investment position
Insurance and pension
Investment funds
Direct investments
Financial accounts
International reserves and foreign currency liquidity
Specification of Danmarks Nationalbanks balance sheet
Central-goverment finance and debt
Money, foreign exchange and derivatives market
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What is the Statbank of Danmarks Nationalbank
Danmarks Nationalbank's StatBank covers financial statistics of Danmarks Nationalbank, i.e. detailed statistics on: Balance of payments Financial account, Danmarks Nationalbank's lending survey, Denmark's international investment position, Foreign direct investments - quarterly transactions and annual statement, Financial accounts - quarterly, Foreign portfolio investments, Investment funds, Statistics on balance sheets of banks and mortgage banks, Statistics on interest rates of banks and mortgage banks and Securities statistics.
Danmarks Nationalbank's subject areas are also available as an integral part of Statistics Denmark's StatBank.
The database is free of charge and data can be exported in several file formats and presented as diagrams.

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  • Latest releases

    DNINDEX: Compounded Index by item and methodology
    DNPRND: The banks' and the mortgage-credit institutes' accounts (net position) with the Nationalbank
    DNRENTD: Danmarks Nationalbank's official interest rates and money and capital market interest rates by item, country and methodology (daily observations)
    DNVALD: Daily exchange rates by currency and type
    DNVALA: Yearly exchange rates by currency, type and methodology
    DNBOPM: Balance of payments financial account - transactions between Denmark and abroad by balance, item, domestic sector, currency and country
    DNRA: Reserve assets - stock on foreign exchange reserves by data type, item and currency
    DNUDERHV: Credit condition survey, Corporate Lending (Net figures) by type of institute, industry, question and period
    DNUDPRIV: Credit condition survey, lending to households (Net figures) by type of institute, question and period
    DNVALM: Monthly exchange rates by currency, type and methodology
    DNSNB1: Specification on Danmarks Nationalbank's balance sheet by specification and item - Stock
    DNSNB2: Specification on Danmarks Nationalbank's balance sheet by specification and item - Transactions
    DNFPAFKL: Insurance and pension fund's return on investments by country
    DNFPAFKV: Insurance and pension fund's return on investments by currency
    DNFPINVL: Insurance and pension fund's investments by country
    DNFPINVV: Insurance and pension fund's investments by currency
    DNFPVAL: Insurance and pension fund's currency exposure and hedge
    DNSOSB: Central government finance and debt by item
    DNSOST: Central government finance and debt, transactions by item
    DNIFHVEM: Investors funds investors

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