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DNRUUPI: Outstanding domestic loans from banks by instrument, data type, domestic sector, currency, maturity (Original maturity) and purpose
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Outstanding domestic loans from banks by data type, currency, domestic
sector, instrument and time
Annualised agreed rate (per cent)
- of which DKK
- 1100: Non-financial corporations
Loans in total3.6173.8794.2414.4594.6774.986
- Revolving loans and overdraft3.9704.2794.5374.7825.0915.346
- Repo loans1.5071.7542.0032.3312.5742.862
- Other loans3.3083.5454.0024.2004.3404.680

Observations up to and including September 2013 are based on data reported with a methodology deviating from the current data collection. Consequently this data is only allocated to selected variables and is not as detailed as data after September 2013. Data is currently only available for non-financial corporations.

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Contact : Rasmus Kofoed Mandsberg  +45 33636860
Jacob Wiberg Larsen  +45 33636646
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